Tardive Dyskinesia Treatment

Tardive Dyskinesia and Movement Disorder Specialists

Movement disorder specialists have the experience and expertise to treat the millions of Americans affected by movement disorders nationwide. Prior to being diagnosed with a movement disorder such as tardive dyskinesia, many patients will visit a specialist to receive an expert’s opinion about symptoms and possible treatment options to manage the condition.   

Movement Disorder Specialists vs. Family Doctor

Though many patients have an ongoing relationship with a family doctor, seeing a movement disorder specialist may provide additional insight if concerns of a condition such as tardive dyskinesia surface. Family doctors may not understand the complexities of certain movement disorders the way a specialist who dedicates every day to these conditions does.
A specialist is well-versed on specific movement disorders. Specialists are highly educated as to what to look for to ensure an accurate diagnosis and are typically current on the latest treatment developments. This enables movement disorder specialists to offer patients information on up-and-coming research and positive results from clinical trials, which could pave the way for successful treatment.

What to Expect

Movement disorder specialists exercise extreme care when meeting with patients and typically request a patient’s complete medical history during the first appointment. A specialist will likely have questions for the patient and will conduct a physical examination to make note of symptoms and characteristics a patient may be demonstrating that are associated with certain disorders.
After reaching a conclusive diagnosis, a movement disorder specialist will then set a treatment path for the patient to manage symptoms and treat the condition. 

Top Movement Disorder Specialists

Below is a list of top movement disorder specialists located nationwide, as compiled by wemove.org:

Search by State:



David Greer M.D.

Contact: David Greer
Huntsville Hospital Neuroogy Associates
Huntsville, Alabama 35801 USA
TEL: 256-265-2695
E-mail: david.greer@hhsys.org


Office Manager

Contact: Sarah Salata
Mobile, Alabama 36609 USA
TEL: 251-460-9095
FAX: 251-460-4666
E-mail: usdoc24@yahoo.com
Web Site: www.gulfneurology.com


Karin W. Baker, M.D., P.C.
Contact: Karin Baker, M.D.
1810 Stadium Drive
Phenix City, Alabama 36867 USA
TEL: 706-289-5982
FAX: 706-505-1524
Web Site: www.kbakermd.com


Natividad Stover, MD University of Alabama at Birmingham MD
Contact: Natividad Stover
360 A Sparks Center
Birmingham, Alabama 35294 USA
TEL: 205 934 0683
FAX: 205 996 4939


University of Alabama at Birmingham
Contact: David G. Standaert, MD, PhD
1530 3rd Ave. South
Birmingham, Alabama 35294-0017 USA
TEL: 205-934-0683
FAX: 205-996-4039
Web Site: www.uab.edu/neurology



Erik M. Kussro, D.O.
Contact: Alaska Rehabilitation Medicine

3340 Providence Dr. Suite 370
Anchorage, Alaska 99508 USA
TEL: 907-562-2600
FAX: 907-562-2602



Arizona Center for Neurosurgery

Contact: Anthony D. Mosley, MD, MS
3300 N Central Ave
Phoenix, Arizona 85012 USA
TEL: 602-256-2525
FAX: 602-256-0795
E-mail: info@arizonacns.com
Web Site: www.arizonacns.com


Barrow Neurology Clinics- Movement Disorders Program
Movement Disorder Neurologist

Contact: Holly Shill, MD
500 W Thomas Rd, Suite 720
Phoenix, Arizona 85013 USA
TEL: 602 406 4931
FAX: 602 406 6131
E-mail: info@maprc.com
Web Site: www.maprc.com

Movement Disorder Treatment Center


Charles H. Adler, MD, PhD
Professor of Neurology

Contact: Charles H. Adler, MD, PhD
Mayo Clinic 13400 East Shea Blvd.
Scottsdale, Arizona 85259 USA
TEL: 480-301-6328
FAX: 480-301-8451


Cynthia S. Reed, MD
Neurology Fellow in Movement Disorders

Contact: Cynthia S. Reed, MD
Barrow Neurological Institute Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center
Phoenix, Arizona 85013 USA
TEL: 602-406-6262
E-mail: info@maprc.com
Web Site: www.maprc.com


Johan Samanta, M.D. PC
Practice Manager

Contact: Ron Cavazos
2610 N. Third St., Suite A
Phoenix, Arizona 85004 USA
TEL: 602-277-2245
FAX: 602-265-9919
E-mail: rcavazos@mdsdocs.com
Web Site: www.mdsdocs.com


Mayo clinic Arizona. Erika Driver-Dunckley

Contact: Erika Driver-Dunckley
13400 East Shea Blvd
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251 USA
TEL: 480-301-8100
Web Site: www.mayoclinic.com


Padma Mahant, M.D.LLC
Practice Manager

Contact: Ron Cavazos
2610 N. Third St., Suite A
Phoenix, Arizona 85004 USA
TEL: 602-277-2245
FAX: 602-265-9919
E-mail: rcavazos@mdsdocs.com
Web Site: www.mdsdocs.com


University Physicians Healthcare, Kino Campus, Neurology Department: Scott J. Sherman, M.D.
Associate Professor of Neurology

Contact: Scott J. Sherman, M.D.
University of Arizona, Dept. of Neurology
Tucson, Arizona 85724 USA
TEL: 520-626-2319
FAX: 520-626-5999


University Physicians Healthcare, Kino Campus, Neurology Department: Sudeshna Bose, M.D.
Assistant Professor, Neurology

Contact: Sudeshna Bose, M.D.
1501 N. Campbell Avenue
Tucson, Arizona 85724 USA
TEL: 520-874-2747
FAX: 520-626-5999



Alan Diamond
Office manager

Contact: Jo Rothrock
Senior Health Center
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72704 USA
TEL: 479-463-4444
FAX: 479-463-4499



Bradford A. Anderson MD
Office Manager

Contact: Michelle Moran
8701 Camino Media Suite C
Bakersfield , California 93311 USA
TEL: 661-616-5726
FAX: 661-616-5728
E-mail: Caminomedia 8701@yahoo.com


Gary A. Belaga, M.D., Neurologist

Contact: Gary A. Belaga, M.D.
2001 Union Street
San Francisco, California 94123-4136 USA
TEL: (415)641-6223
FAX: (415)641-1932
E-mail: gary@belaga.com
Web Site: belagamed.com


Graham Glass, MD (UCSF Medical Center)
Assistant Clinical Professor of Neurology

Contact: Graham A. Glass, MD
400 Parnassus Ave 8th Floor Box 0348
San Francisco , California 94143 USA
TEL: 415-353-2311
FAX: 415-353-9060
E-mail: graham.glass@ucsf.edu
Web Site: http://today.ucsf.edu/people/person/graham-a.-glass/


Homer Jack Moore, MD

Contact: Homer Jack Moore, MD
Southern California Permanente Medical Group
San Diego, California 92120 USA
TEL: 619 516 4075
Web Site: www.spaces.msn.com/members/ParkinsonsDisease


Jack D Schim, MD
medical assistant

Contact: Angie Pulley
3907 Waring Road
Oceanside, California 92056 United States
TEL: 760-631-3000
FAX: 760-631-3016
E-mail: jschim@neurocenter.com
Web Site: www.neurocenter.com


Jerome P. Lisk, M.D.
Contact: Jerome P. Lisk, M.D.
630 South Raymond Ave, Suite 340
Pasadena, California 91105 USA
TEL: 626-792-MOVE (6683)
FAX: 626- 793-LISK (5475)


Jerome P. Lisk, M.D.
Movement Disorder Specialist

Contact: Jerome P. Lisk, M.D.
630 South Raymond Ave. Suite 340
Pasadena, California 91105 USA
TEL: 626-792-6683
FAX: 626-793-5475
E-mail: liskmd@yahoo.com


Jerry Pryde MD

Contact: Jerry Pryde MD
8631 W 3rd Street
Los Angeles, California 90048 USA
TEL: 310-423-2182
FAX: 310-423-2182
E-mail: prydej@cshs.org


John R. Hotson, MD
Professor of Neurology and Neurological Sciences

Contact: John R. Hotson, MD
Department of Neurology, 751 South Bascom Avenue
San Jose, California 95128 USA
TEL: (408) 885-5580
FAX: (408) 885-5587


Kaiser-Permanente Northern California Movement Disorders Clinic
Contact: Robin Fross, MD, FAAN
Dept of Neurology, Kaiser-Permanente Med Ctr
Hayward, California 94545 USA
TEL: 510-784-4607
FAX: not available
E-mail: not available
Web Site: www.permanente.net/doctor/robinfross/


Kaiser-Permanente Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Program
Contact: Robin Fross, MD
Kaiser-Permanente Medical Center
Hayward, California 94545 USA
TEL: 510-784-4607
FAX: 510-784-4990
Web Site: www.permanente.net/doctor/robinfross


Luc Jasmin

Contact: Luc Jasmin
8670 Wilshire Blvd, suite 201
Beverly Hills, California 90211 USA
TEL: 310-659-6633
FAX: 310-659-6631
E-mail: dr.jasmin@lansi.org
Web Site: www.lansi.org


Melissa Houser, MD
Director, Parkinson's Disease Movement Disorder Center, Scripps Clinic

Contact: Melissa Houser, MD
10666 N Torrey Pines Rd
La Jolla, California 92137 USA
TEL: 858 554 8203
FAX: 858 554 6954
Web Site: www.scrippsclinic.com


Neurology Medical Group of Diablo Valley
Contact: Raymond Stephens, MD
108 La Casa Via
Walnut Creek, California 94598 USA
TEL: 925-939-9400
FAX: 925-939-1819
Web Site: www.diabloneurology.com


Neurology Medical Group of Diablo Valley
Contact: Raymond Stephens, MD
108 La Casa Via #105
Walnut Creek, California 94598 USA
TEL: 925-939-9400
FAX: 925-939-1819
E-mail: ngeorge@diabloneurology.com
Web Site: www.diabloneurology.com


Nicholas Galifianakis, MD

Contact: Nicholas Galifianakis
400 Parnassus Ave
San Francisco, California 94122 USA
TEL: (415)-353-2311
FAX: (415)-353-2898


Robert M. Hutchman MD
Practice Administrator

Contact: Ms. Pepper Dabby
855 Fourth Street
Pismo Beach, California 93449 USA
TEL: 818-332-7986
FAX: 818-698-0443
E-mail: pepper@hutchmancenter.org
Web Site: www.hutchmancenter.org


Ronald B. Ziman, M.D., F.A.C.P.
Medical Director - APDA information and Resource Ctr

Contact: Ronald B. Ziman, M.D.
18433 Roscoe Blvd., #210
Northridge, California 91325 USA
TEL: 818-349-2503
FAX: 818-349-2561
E-mail: nncreports@gmail.com


Russell P. Edwards, M.D.
Contact: Russell P. Edwards, M.D.
3969 Fourth Avenue, STE 301
San Diego, California 92103 USA
TEL: 619-291-6191
FAX: 619-291-0049
E-mail: neuro-ophth@users.hotpop.com
Web Site: www.rpe.eyemd.org


Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
Clinical Assistant Professor

Contact: Peter Lin
751 S. Bascom Avenue
San Jose, California 95128 USA
TEL: 408-885-5580
FAX: 408-885-4728
E-mail: Peter.Lin@hhs.sccgov.org


Stanford University Medical Center
Director Stanford Movement Disorders Center

Contact: Helen Bronte-Stewart MD MSE
rm A343 Dept. of Neurology and enruosciences, SUMC
Stanford, California 94305 USA
TEL: 650-723-2116
FAX: 650-725-7459
E-mail: mvancil1@stanford.edu


Sutter Neuroscience Medical Group
Movement Disorder Specialist

Contact: Nicklesh Thakur
2800 L St. Suite 500
Sacramento, California 95816 USA
TEL: 916-454-6850
FAX: 916-454-6852
Web Site: http://checksutterfirst.org/neuro/


Suzy Kim, MD
Neurologic Rehabilitation

Contact: Suzy Kim, MD
Kaiser Permanente
Martinez, California 94553 USA
TEL: 925-313-4735
E-mail: suzy.x.kim@kp.org


The Parkinson's Institute and Movement Disorders Clinic (Sunnyvale CA)
Clinic Receptionist

Contact: Angie Valencia
675 Almanor Avenue
Sunnyvale, California 94085 US
TEL: 408 734 2800
FAX: 408 734 8522
E-mail: avalencia@thepi.org
Web Site: www.thepi.org

J. William Lanston, MD (CEO and Chief Scientific Officer); Caroline M Tanner, MD (Director of Clinical Research); James Tetrud, MD (Director of Movement Disorders Treatment Center); Grace S Lin Liang, MD (Movement Disorder Specialist); Melanie Brandabur, MD (Clinical Director).


Turnure Medical Group, Inc.
Office Manager

Contact: Kathy
6805 Five Star Blvd., Suite 100
Rocklin, California 95677 USA
TEL: 916-624-3500
FAX: 916-624-3351
E-mail: Drturnure@starstream.net
Web Site: TurnureMedicalGroup.Net


UCLA / Orthopaedic Hospital Center for Cerebral Palsy
CCP Clinic Coordinator

Contact: Marcia Greenberg, PT
1000 Veteran Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90095-1795 USA
TEL: (310) 825 5858
FAX: (310) 825 5290
E-mail: mgreenberg@mednet.ucla.edu
Web Site: http://www.uclaccp.org


UCSD Movement Disorders Clinic and Parkinson's Disease Research Center
Director, Movement Disorders Clinic

Contact: David D. Song MD, PhD
Neurology Service, MC#9127
La Jolla, California 92161 USA
TEL: 858-552-8585 x2280
FAX: 858-552-7513
Web Site: http://health.ucsd.edu/specialties/neuro/pd.htm


UCSD/Rady Children's Hospital - Movement Disorders Clinic
Contact: Jennifer Friedman, MD

8010 Frost St.
San Diego, California 92123 USA
TEL: 858-966-5819
FAX: 858-966-4930


UCSF Center for the Surgical Treatment of Movement Disorders
Clinic Coordinator

Contact: Angie Lam
UCSF Neurology Clinic
San Fransico, California 94143 USA
TEL: 415 353 2311
FAX: 415 353 2898
E-mail: neurology@ucsfmedctr.org
Web Site: www.ucsfhealth.org

Movement Disorder Treatment Center


University of California, Irvine
Contact: Neal Hermanowicz, MD

100 Irvine Hall
Irvine, California 92697 USA
TEL: 949 824-0190
E-mail: nhermano@uci.edu


University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine, Department of Neurology, Division of Movement Disorders
Medical Secretary

Contact: Blanca Lopez
USC Department of Neurology, 1520 San Pablo St
Los Angeles, California 90033 USA
TEL: 323 442 5728
FAX: 323 442 5794
E-mail: blopez@surgery.usc.edu

Mark F Lew MD Associate Professor of Neurology Director, Division of Movement Disorders



Colorado Neurological Institute Movement Disorders Center
Practice Manager

Contact: Meg Kendal
PO Box 340
Englewood, Colorado 80151 USA
TEL: 303-357-5455
FAX: 303-357-5459
E-mail: kendal@kumarneuro.com


Douglas J Redosh MD

Contact: Douglas J Redosh
3550 Lutheran Parkway
Wheat, Colorado  USA


Dr. Victoria Pelak at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Associate Professor of Neurology and Ophthalmology

Contact: Victoria S. Pelak, MD
PO Box 6510
Aurora, Colorado 80045 USA
TEL: 720 848 2082
FAX: 720 848 2141


Eye and Facial Appearances

Contact: John R. Burroughs, M.D.
111 East Polk Street
Colo Spgs, Colorado 80907 USA
TEL: 719-473-8801
FAX: 719-473-8581
E-mail: jrburroughs67@yahoo.com
Web Site: www.eyeandfacialappearances.com


Heather R. Baer, MD
Assistant Professor

Contact: Heatrher Baer
1635 North Ursula
Aurora, Colorado 80045 USA
TEL: 720-848-1980
FAX: 720-848-2109


Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital
Medical Director

Contact: Joseph P. Jacob M.D.
4401 Union Street
Loveland, Colorado 80538 USA
TEL: 970-619-3400
FAX: 970-619-3453
E-mail: joejacobmd@ernesthalth.com
Web Site: www.ernesthealth.com/ncrh



Anette V. Nieves, MD
Contact: Anette V. Nieves, MD
2685 SW 32nd Place
Ocala, Florida 34474 USA
TEL: 352-732-9643
FAX: 352-732-2243


Bruce A. Richards, M.D.
Assistant Office Manager

Contact: Cathy Hart
1100 NW 8th Ave
Gainesville, Florida 32601 USA
TEL: 352-377-0206
FAX: 352-377-0208
E-mail: macdr@bellsouth.net


Clinical Neurological Specialties
Office Manager

Contact: Lisa Smith
430 Morton Plant St., Suite 400
Clearwater, Florida 33756 USA
TEL: 727-443-3295
FAX: 727-446-4336
E-mail: none
Web Site: none


Dean P. Sutherland, MD, PhD
Director, Southeastern Center for Parkinson Disease

Contact: Dean P. Sutherland, MD, PhD
1921 Waldemere Street Suite 701
Sarasota, Florida 34239 USA
TEL: 941-487-2160
FAX: 941-487-2170
E-mail: drsutherland@southeasternpd.com
Web Site: www.southeasternpd.com


Dr. Robert A. Hauser

Contact: Robert A Hauser
5 Tampa General Circle
Tampa, Florida 33606 USA
TEL: 813-844-4455
FAX: 813-844-4456
E-mail: rhauser@health.usf.edu

Mark Friedman, MD

Contact: Mark Friedman, MD
Weston, Florida 33332 US
TEL: 407.697.8184

Also specializes in neuroendocrine disorders.


Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami, Dept of Neurology, Division of Movement Disorders

Contact: Maria Salvatierra
1501 NW 9th Ave
Miami, Florida 33136 US
TEL: 305 243 6767
FAX: 306 243 3321
E-mail: msalvatierra@med.miami.edu


Morton Plant Parkinson's and Movement Disorders Center
Contact: Michael J. Andriola MD, Ajay K. Arora MD
430 Morton Plant Street, Suite 402
Clearwater, Florida 33756 USA
TEL: 7274618635
FAX: 7274618648
Web Site: www.mortonplant.com


Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorder Center of Boca Raton: Stuart Isaacson, MD
Office Manager

Contact: Lisa Carvajal
951 NW 13th St Bldg 5-F
Boca Raton, Florida 33186 USA
TEL: 561 392 1818
FAX: 561 392 8989
E-mail: admin@parkinsonscenter.org
Web Site: www.parkinsonscenter.org


Parkinson's Disease Treatment Center of Southwest Florida- Ramon A. Gil, M.D.
Office Coordinator

Contact: Marie Tarman
42365 Kings Highway
Port Charlotte, Florida 33980 USA
TEL: 941-743-4987
FAX: 941-743-4486


Paul Kornberg, MD- Rehabilitation and Electrodiagnostics, PC
Contact: Paul Kornberg, MD

2914 North Blvd
Tampa, Florida 33602 US
TEL: 813 228 7696
FAX: 813 228 0677


Richard A. Beck, MD, FACS
Speech Language Pathologist

Contact: Amy Moss
3627-210 University Blvd. So.
Jacksonville, Florida 32216 USA
TEL: 904-399-5311
FAX: 904-396-2520
E-mail: vsa@bellsouth.net
Web Site: aos-jax.com


Robert A. Hauser, M.D., Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center, University of South Florida
Admininstrative Secretary

Contact: Tara McEntarffer
4 Columbia Drive
Tampa, Florida 33606 USA
TEL: 813-844-4455
FAX: 813-844-4456
E-mail: tmcentar@health.usf.edu


Robert Hauser, M.D., M.B.A

Contact: Robert Hauser, M.D, M.B.A
Harbourside Medical Tower
Tampa, Florida 33606 USA
TEL: 813-844-4077
E-mail: rhauser@health.usf.edu or aliebe@health.usf.edu


Robert Hauser, MD, Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center, University of South Florida
Contact: Robert Hauser, M.D.
4 Columbia Drive
Tampa, Florida  USA
TEL: 813-844-4455
FAX: 813-844-4456


Robert J Friedman, MD
Contact: Robert J Friedman MD
1015 W Indiantown Rd
Jupiter, Florida 33458 USA
TEL: 5617480528
E-mail: neurbob@pol.net
Web Site: www.palmbeachpain.com


Sherif Shafey MD
Contact: Sherif Shafey MD

3661 S Miami Ave # 907
Miami, Florida 33133 USA
TEL: 305 854 3816
FAX: 305 854 4321
E-mail: ssneuro@bellsouth.net
Web Site: www.shafeyneuro.com


Sherif Shafey MD PA

Contact: Jessica Sardina
3661 S Miami Ave # 907
Miami, Florida 33133 USA
TEL: 305 854 3816
FAX: 305 854 4321
E-mail: ssneuro@bellsouth.net
Web Site: www.shafeyneuro.com


Stuart H. Isaacson, M.D.

Contact: Lisbeth Carvajal
951 NW 13th Street
Boca Raton, Florida 33486 USA
TEL: 561-392-1818
FAX: 561-392-8989
E-mail: admin@parkinsonscenter.org
Web Site: www.centerofexcellenceatbocaraton.org


Sylvia Zuniga-Barboni

Contact: Sylvia Zuniga-Barboni
3375 burns road, suite 203
palm beach gardens, Florida 33410 USA
TEL: 561-626-1159
FAX: 561-626-5788
E-mail: pbnds@bellsouth.net


Theresa A. Zesiewicz, MD FAAN
Associate Professor of Neurology

Contact: Theresa Zesiewicz
12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd
Tampa, Florida 33612 USA
TEL: 8139745909
E-mail: tzesiewi@hsc.usf.edu


University of Florida, Jacksonville, Department of Neurology

Contact: Karen Perrin
580 West 8th street,
Jacksonville, Florida 32209 USA
TEL: 904-244-9719
FAX: 904-244-9493


University of South Florida Parkinson's Disease & Movement Disorders Center

Contact: Tara McEntarffer
4 Columbia Dr
Tampa, Florida 33606 US
TEL: 813 844 4455
FAX: 813 844 4456
E-mail: tmcentar@hsc.usf.edu
Web Site: http://roberthauser.hsc.usf.edu

Neurologist: Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Specialist


USF Movement Disorders Center- Robert Hauser, MD
Clinical Research Administrator

Contact: Summer Wolfrath, MSPH
4 Columbia Drive, #410
Tampa, Florida 33606 USA
TEL: 813-844-4455
FAX: 813-844-4456
E-mail: swolfrat@health.usf.edu


William R Sunter, Jr MD
Contact: William R Sunter Jr MD
200 E Sheridan Road
Melbourne, Florida 32901 USA
TEL: 321-725-4500
FAX: 321-725-7028
E-mail: william.sunter@mima.com
Web Site: www.mima.com



Dr. Mahmood S. Eisa
Contact: Dr. Mahmood S. Eisa
4274 North Valdosta Road,
Valdosta, Georgia 31602 USA
TEL: 229-242-1234
FAX: 229-247-8110
E-mail: eisams@aol.com


Emory University School of Medicine, Dept of Neurology Movement Disorders Program

Contact: Tammy Jo Best, LPN
Wesley Woods Health Center
Atlanta, Georgia 30329 US
TEL: 404 728 6974
FAX: 404 728 6685
Web Site: http://neurology.emory.edu

Program Director: Stewart Factor, DO

Jay Schecter, M.D.
Office Manager

Contact: Hazel Graham
550 Redmond Rd.
Rome, Georgia 30165 USA
TEL: 706 233 8512
FAX: 706 233 8539
E-mail: JAS91257@aol.com


Mahlon Delong, MD
Medical Secretary

Contact: Andrea Litman
Wesley Woods Health Center
Atlanta, Georgia 30329 US
TEL: 404 728 4895
FAX: 404 712 8576
E-mail: andrea.litman@emoryhealthcare.org
Web Site: www.emoryhealthcare.org/departments/WW



Marian Evatt
See main listing for Emory in this directory
Contact: Emory Movement Disorders Program
Atlanta, Georgia  USA


Martha Trieschmann, M.D.
Contact: Martha Trieschmann, M.D.
1086 1/2 Baxter Street
Athens, Georgia 30606 USA
TEL: (706)353-0606
FAX: (706)353-0798


Mercer Movement Disorders Center

Contact: Erich O. Richter
840 Pine Street Suite 880
Macon, Georgia 31201 USA
TEL: 478-743-7092
FAX: 478-738-3834
Web Site: www.ganeurosurg.org


Sam Ghaffari, DO

Contact: Sam Ghaffari
2160 Fountain Drive
Snellville, Georgia 30078 USA
TEL: 7706744888
FAX: 7706744887
E-mail: sam.ghaffari@eastsideneurorehab.com
Web Site: www.eastsideneurorehab.com



Lauren Seeberger, MD Movement Disorders Center at the Elks
Medical Director, Movement Disorders Center at the Elks

Contact: Lauren Seeberger, MD
Idaho Elks Rehabilitation Hosptital
Boise, Idaho 83702 USA
TEL: 208-489-4599


Neurological Associates Ltd

Contact: Stephen W. Asher
Suite 212
Boise, Idaho 83702 USA
TEL: 208 343 3976
FAX: 208 381 4612



Central DuPage Hospital Movement Disorders Center
Director, Movement Disorders Center

Contact: Dr. Michael Rezak
25 N. Winfield Rd.
Winfield, , Illinois 60190 USA
TEL: 630-933-4056
FAX: 630-933-4057
E-mail: michael_rrezak@cdh.org


Daniel Wynn, MD FAASM
Director, Clinical Research

Contact: Daniel Wynn, MD FAASM FACN
Consultants in Neurology, Ltd.
Northbrook, Illinois 60062 USA
TEL: 847-509-0270
FAX: 847-509-0273
E-mail: dwynnmd@gmail.com
Web Site: www.cinltd.com

Jeffrey Kramer, MD
Chief, Section of Neurology

Contact: Jeffrey Kramer, MD
2525 S. Michigan Ave. #817
Chicago,, Illinois 60616 USA
TEL: 3120567-2479
FAX: 312-328-7970
E-mail: jkramer@mercy-chicago.org


Joshua Rosenow, MD
Director of Functional Neurosurgery

Contact: Joshua Rosenow, MD
675 N St Clair St
Chicago, Illinois 60611 USA
TEL: 312-695-8143
FAX: 312-695-4075
E-mail: dbs@northwestern.edu
Web Site: http://www.nmff.org/findphysician/physician.asp?id=H61793


Lloyd S Davis, M.D.
Contact: Neurology Specialists of Northern Illinois
9301 Golf Road
Des Plaines, Illinois 60016 United States
TEL: 847-298-4088
FAX: 847-627-8700
Web Site: neurodocs.org


Martha Trieschmann McGraw

Contact: Martha McGraw
3S 517 Winfield Rd
Warrenville, Illinois 60555 USA
TEL: 630-836-9121
FAX: 630-836-9126
Web Site: neuromeddocs.net


Movement Disorders Center of Evanston Northwestern Healthcare
Director, Movement Disorders Program

Contact: Michael Rezak, MD
Glenbrook Hospital
Glenview, Illinois 60026 USA
TEL: 847 657 5875
FAX: 847 657 5708
E-mail: movement-disorders@northwestern.edu

Movement Disorder Group of five physicians, one neurosurgeon, and one neuropsychiatrist


Movement Disorders Section, Rush University Medical Center

Contact: Cynthia Comella
1725 West Harrison
Chicago, Illinois 60305 USA
TEL: 312-563-2030
FAX: 312-563-2024
E-mail: movement_disorder@rush.edu
Web Site: http://www.rush.edu/rumc/page-1099611538174.html

Northwestern Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center
Medical Director

Contact: Dr. Tanya Simuni
675 N. St Clair -20-100
Chicago, Illinois 60611
TEL: 312-695-7950
FAX: 312-908-5073
E-mail: dbreslow@nmff.org
Web Site: www.parkinsons.northwestern.edu


Northwestern University Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center
Center Coordinator

Contact: Diane Breslow, LCSW
710 N. Lake Shore Drive - 11th floor
Chicago, Illinois 60611 USA
TEL: 312/503-4397
FAX: 312/908-5073
E-mail: dbreslow@nmff.org
Web Site: www.parkinsons.northwestern.edu


Rush University Medical Center Section of Movement Disorders
Associate Professor

Contact: Kathleen M Shannon, MD
1725 W Harrison St #755
Chicago, Illinois 60612 US
TEL: 312 563 2900
FAX: 312 563 2684
E-mail: movement_disorder@rush.edu
Web Site: www.rush.edu


Rush University Medical Center, Section of Movement Disorders
Assistant Professor

Contact: Jennifer G. Goldman, M.D., M.S.
1725 W. Harrison Street
Chicago, Illinois 60612 USA
TEL: 312-563-2900
FAX: 312-563-2024
E-mail: movement_disorder@rush.edu
Web Site: www.rush.edu


University of Chicago Medical Center
Director of Movement Disorders Center

Contact: Un Jung Kang, MD
University of Chicago Medical Center
Chicago, Illinois 60637 USA
TEL: 773-702-4392
FAX: 773-702-5651
E-mail: move@uchicago.edu
Web Site: move.uchicago.edu



Andrea Haller, M.D.
Contact: Karla Moore
7321 Shadeland Station, Suite 275
Indianapolis, Indiana 46256 USA
TEL: (317) 863-2095
FAX: (317) 863-2108
E-mail: kmoore@neurologyindiana.com
Web Site: www.neurologyindiana.com


Easter Seals Crossroads (Indiana)
Medical Director

Contact: Chuck Dietzen, MD
4740 Kingsway Drive
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 USA
TEL: (317) 466 2010
FAX: (317) 466 2000
E-mail: sfogo@eastersealscrossroads.org
Web Site: www.eastersealscrossroads.org


Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center (Evansville IN)
VP Operations

Contact: Kelly Schneider
3701 Bellemeade Avenue
Evansville, Indiana 47714 USA
TEL: 812 479 1411
FAX: 812 437 2364
E-mail: kschneider@evansvillerehab.com
Web Site: www.eastersealsswindiana.com

Movement Disorder Treatment Center


Indiana University Movement Disorders Center
University Hospital Neurology Outpatient Center

Indianapolis, Indiana 46202 USA
TEL: 1-866-488-0008
E-mail: info@iupdclinic.org
Web Site: www.iupdclinic.org


John A. Galea, M.D. North Central Neurology,LLC
Contact: John A. Galea, M.D.
621 Memorial Driave Suite 624
South Bend , Indiana 46601 USA
TEL: 574- 288.0215
FAX: 574-288.0158


Xabier Beristain, MD

Contact: Karla Moore
7321 Shadeland Station, Suite 275
Indianapolis, Indiana 46256 USA
TEL: 317-863-2095
FAX: 317-863-2108
Web Site: www.neurologyindiana.com



Department of Neurology, University of Iowa Hospital
Professor, Director of Movement Disorders

Contact: Robrt Rodnitzky, MD
200 Hawkins Drive
Iowa City, Iowa , Iowa 52242 USA
TEL: 319 356 3424
FAX: 319 384 7199


Iowa Health Physicians/ Iowa Health System, Lynn Struck, MD
APDA Coordinator

Contact: J. Sam Erwin
1221 Pleasent St
Des Moines, Iowa 50309 USA
TEL: 515 241 4200
FAX: 515 241 4083
E-mail: erwinjs@ihs.org
Web Site: www.apdaiowa.org

Specialty: Neurology



Eva Henry, M.D.

Contact: Eva Henry
3223 N. Webb Road, Ste 3
Wichita, Kansas 67226 USA
TEL: 316-609-3000
FAX: 316-609-3050
E-mail: evahenry@sbcglobal.net


Richard Dubinsky, MD, MPH
Assoc. Prof of Neurology

Contact: Richard Dubinsky, MD, MPH
Dept. of Neurology, University of Kansas Medical Center
Kansas City, Kansas 66160 USA
TEL: 913 588 6970
FAX: 913 588 0673



Louisville Movement Disorders Center - Walter L. Olson, Jr., M.D.
Office Manager

Contact: Judith G Olson
801 Barret Avenue, Suite 112
Louisville, Kentucky 40204-1734 USA
TEL: 502-587-8010
FAX: 502-587-8010
E-mail: dw154@bellsouth.net


University of Louisville Division of Movement Disorders

Contact: Cathy Summers
Movement Disorders Program
Louisville, Kentucky 40202 USA
TEL: 502-582-7654
FAX: 502-582-0521
E-mail: clsumm01@louisville.edu
Web Site: www.litvanfoundation.com



Bryan R Payne, MD
Contact: Allyson Delaunne, RN
1501 Kings Highway PO Box 33932
Shreveport, Louisiana 71130-3932 USA
TEL: (318) 675 -6195
FAX: (318) 675-4615
E-mail: bpayne1@lsuhsc.edu
Web Site: http://www.sh.lsuhsc.edu/neurosurgery/


Donald Richardson, MD Tulane Neurosurgery
Neuromodulation Specialist

Contact: Miriam Gallager
95 E Fairway Drive
Covington, Louisiana 70433 USA
TEL: 985-867-4285
FAX: 985-867-4247
E-mail: jcomer@tulane.edu
Web Site: www.tulane.edu


Southeast Neuroscience Center

Contact: Edward S Haight
970 S Acadia Rd
Thibodaux, Louisiana 70301 USA
TEL: 9854481550
E-mail: dredwardhaight@yahoo.com
Web Site: http://snc.md



Edward J. Drasby, DO
Practice Administrator
Contact: Margaret
7 Portland Farms Rd
Scarborough, Maine 04074 USA
TEL: 207-885-1400
FAX: 207-885-1402
E-mail: mbearor@portcityneurology.com
Web Site: portcityneurology.com


Port City Neurology
Contact: Edward J. Drasby
186 Park Ave
Portland, Maine 04102 USA
TEL: (207) 822-9894
FAX: (207) 874-8035
E-mail: info@portcityneurology.com
Web Site: Portcityneurology.com


William Stamey, M.D.
Movement Disorders Specialist
Contact: William Stamey, M.D.
Maine Centers for Healthcare
Westbrook, Maine 04092 USA
TEL: 207-857-9311
FAX: 207-857-9324
Web Site: www.mainecenters.com



Capital Neurology
Contact: Marc P. DiFazio MD
9715 Medical Center Dr, Suite 23
Rockville, Maryland 20850 USA
TEL: 301 309 2211
FAX: 240 536 0263
E-mail: dr.difazio@gmail.com
Web Site: www.capital-neurology.com


Frederick Neurology LLC
Clinical Neurologist
Contact: Camilo Toro, M.D.
187 Thomas Johnson Drive #3
Frederick, Maryland 21702 USA
TEL: 301-631-0444
FAX: 301-631-0250
E-mail: fredneuro@worldnet.att.net
Web Site: www.fredneuro.com


Johns Hopkins Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorder Center
Contact: Becky Dunlop RN, BSN
601 North Caroline St
Baltimore, Maryland 21287 USA
TEL: 410-955-8795
FAX: 410-614-1302
E-mail: rdunlop@jhmi.edu
Web Site: www.hopkinspdmd.org


Johns Hopkins Parkinson's Disease Movement Disorder Center
Nurse Coordinator
Contact: Becky Dunlop RN, BSN
Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center
Baltimore, Maryland 21287 US
TEL: 410 955 8795
FAX: 410 614 1302
E-mail: rdunlop@jhmi.edu
Web Site: www.hopkinspdmd.org


Parkinson's and Movement Disorders Center of Maryland
Contact: Stephen Grill, MD, PhD
8280 Lark Brown Rd, #101
Elkridge, Maryland 21075 US
TEL: 443-755-0030
FAX: 443-755-0031
E-mail: sgrill@pdmdcenter.com
Web Site: pdmdcenter.com


Richard D. Zorowitz, M.D.
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
Contact: Richard D. Zorowitz, M.D.
4940 Eastern Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21224-2780 USA
TEL: 410-550-5299
FAX: 410-550-1345
E-mail: rdzorowitz@pol.net
Web Site: http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/Rehab/Faculty/zorowitz.html


University of Maryland Medicine, Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders
Contact: Janet Sanford
22 South Greene St.
Baltimore , Maryland 21201 USA
TEL: 410-328-7578
E-mail: jsanford@umms.org
Web Site: http://www.umm.edu/parkinsons/index.html


University of Maryland School of Medicine
Admin Asst
Contact: Nancy Yearwood
22 S Greene St
Baltimore, Maryland 21201 US
TEL: 410 328 2164
FAX: 410 328 0167
E-mail: nyearwood@som.umaryland.edu
Web Site: www.umm.edu/parkinsons/index.html

Neurologist: Movement Disorders Specialist



Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center: Dr. Daniel Tarsy
Contact: Daniel Tarsy, MD
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Boston, Massachusetts 02215 US
TEL: 617 667 0519
FAX: 617 575 5454
E-mail: dtarsy@bidmc.harvard.edu

Also treats drug-induced movement disorders. Movement Disorder Treatment Center


Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center: Dr. David Simon
Assistant Professor or Neurology
Contact: David K. Simon, M.D., Ph.D.
330 Brookline Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02215 USA
TEL: 617-667-2699
FAX: 617-667-0800
E-mail: dsimon1@bidmc.harvard.edu
Web Site: http://bidmc.harvard.edu/display.asp?leaf_id=3829


Boston University Parkinson & Movement Disorder Center
Program Director
Contact: Cathi A Thomas, RN, MS
Dept of Neurology
Boston, Massachusetts 02118 US
TEL: 617 638 7737
FAX: 617 638 5354
E-mail: neurocat@bu.edu
Web Site: www.bumc.bu.edu/Dept/home.aspx?DepartmentID=60

Marie Saint-Hilaire, MD; Samuel A. Ellias, MD, PhD; Peter Novak, MD, PhD; Samuel Frank, MD. Note: Teens also treated.


Boston University/Boston Medical Center Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders
Medical Director
Contact: Marie Saint-Hilaire, MD
Department of Neurology
Boston, Massachusetts 02118 USA
TEL: 617-638-8456
FAX: 617-638-5354
E-mail: neuromsh@bu.edu
Web Site: www.bumc.bu.edu/parkinsonsdisease


Boston University/Boston Medical Center Parkinson’s Disease & Movement Disorders Center
Program Director
Contact: Cathi A. Thomas RN, MS
720 Harrison Ave, Suite 707
Boston, Massachusetts 02118 USA
TEL: 617-638-7737 or 617-638-8456
FAX: 617-638-5354
E-mail: neurocat@bu.edu
Web Site: www.bumc.bu.edu/parkinsonsdisease


Boston University/Boston Medical Center Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorder Center
Assistant Professor of neurology
Contact: Samuel Frank, MD
720 Harrison Ave.
Boston, Massachusetts 02118 USA
TEL: 617-638-8456
FAX: 617-638-8465
Web Site: www.bumc.bu.edu/parkinsonsdisease


Boston University/Boston Medical Center Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorder Center
Assistant Prof of Neurology
Contact: Anna DePold Hohler MD
715 Albany Street C329
Boston, Massachusetts 02494 USA
TEL: 617-638-8456 and 617-638-7737
FAX: 617-638-8465
Web Site: www.bumc.bu.edu/parkinsonsdisease


Daniel Tarsy, MD
Nurse Practioner, Research Coordinator
Contact: Linda Paul MSN APRN, BC
330 Brookline Ave
Boston, Massachusetts 02215 USA
TEL: 617-667-9885
FAX: 617-667-9868
E-mail: lmpaul@bidmc.harvard.edu
Web Site: www.bidmc.harvard.edu


Emily Clionsky, M.D. Memory Wellness, LLC
Director Memory Wellness LLC
Contact: Emily Clionsky, M.D.
Ste 203 155 Maple Street
Springfield, Massachusetts 01106 USA
TEL: 413-306-6060
FAX: 413-747-1558
E-mail: hleland@memory-wellness.com
Web Site: cns-neuro.com


Jagadeesan Udayarani, MD
Contact: Jagadeesan Udayarani
3300 Main St
Springfield, Massachusetts 01199 USA
TEL: 413-794-7033


Julie Pilitsis MD, PhD
Contact: Julie G. Pilitsis
55 Lake Ave North S2-855
Worcester, Massachusetts 01655 USA
TEL: 508-334-0046
FAX: 508-856-5074
E-mail: pilitsij@ummhc.org


Practice Manager
Contact: Sue Cooper
200 Groton Rd
Ayer, Massachusetts 01545 USA
TEL: 978-772-3880
FAX: 978-784-9485


Luz Jacqueline Ruiz, MD
Office Manager
Contact: Sue Cooper
200 Groton Rd
Ayer, Massachusetts 01432 USA
TEL: 978-772-3880
E-mail: lruiz@bidmc.harvard.edu


Parkinson's Disease & Movement Disorders Center
Director, Parkinson's Disease & Movement Disorders Center
Contact: Daniel Tarsy
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Boston, Massachusetts 02215 USA
TEL: 617-667-0519
FAX: 617-975-5454
E-mail: dtarsy@bidmc.harvard.edu


Partners Dystonia Center
Director, Dystonia Center
Contact: Nutan Sharma, MD PhD
ACC 830
Boston, Massachusetts 02114 USA
TEL: 617-724-9234
FAX: 617-726-4101
Web Site: http://neuro-www.mgh.harvard.edu/~dystonia/index.html


Paula Ravin, MD
administrative Assistant
Contact: Jenny Perron
55 Lake Ave. North
Worcester, Massachusetts 01655 USA
TEL: 508-334-2527
FAX: 508-856-6778
E-mail: ummhc.org
Web Site: www.umassmed.edu


Contact: Shabbir Abbasi, MD
354 Merrimack Street
Lawrence, Massachusetts 01843 USA
TEL: 9786872321
FAX: 9786857265
E-mail: abbasis@pol.net
Web Site: www.neneuro.com


Stephen F. Koelbel MD, Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital Spasticity Mgmt Program
Administrative assistant
Contact: Donna Demarco
250 Pond St
Braintree, Massachusetts 02332 USA
TEL: 781-348-2202
FAX: 781-348-3989


UMass Memorial Medical Center: Dr. Julie Pilitsis, Dr. Peter Novak and Dr. Paula Ravin
Office Manager
Contact: Crystal Reardon
Room S2-855 University Campus
Worcester, Massachusetts 01655 USA
TEL: (508) 334-0605
FAX: (508) 856-5074
Web Site: http://www.umassmemorial.org



Anne Pawlak, DO., FACN
Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders
Contact: Anne Pawlak DO.,FACN
28595 Orcard Lake Rd
Farmingtin Hills, Michigan 48334 USA
TEL: 734-525-4466
FAX: 248-553-5957


Cornelius Robens, M.D.
Contact: Cornelius Robens, M.D.
1213 W. Front Street
Traverse City, Michigan 49684 USA
TEL: (231) 935 0386
FAX: (231) 935 0387
E-mail: crobens@mhc.net


Cornelius Robens, M.D.
Contact: Cornelius Robens, M.D.
1213 W. Front Street
Traverse City, Michigan 49684 USA
TEL: 231-935-0386
FAX: 231-935-0387


Dr. Mary Shaya
MD, neurology
Contact: Dr. Mary Shaya
4201 St Antoine
Detroit, Michigan 48201 USA
TEL: 3137454275
Web Site: www.dmc.org


Glen Ackerman, MD
Neurologist and (Director of Parkinson's Disease Clinic, Michigan State University)
Contact: Glen Ackerman MD
1200 E Michigan
Lansing, Michigan 48912 USA
TEL: 517-371-3307
FAX: 517-371-5868
E-mail: neurologyconsultants@gmail.com
Web Site: glenackermanmd.com


Kalamazoo Nerve Center, PLLC
Contact: Mohammed J Zafar, MD
2750 Old Centre Rd. Ste 145
Portage/Kalamazoo, Michigan 49024 USA
TEL: 2693230955
FAX: 2693231279
E-mail: nervecentre@att.net
Web Site: www.kalamazoonervecenter.com


Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders (M.I.N.D.)
Contact: Aaron Ellenbogen, DO, MPH
28595 Orchard Lake Road
Farmington Hills, Michigan 48334 USA
TEL: 248-553-0010
FAX: 248-553-5957
E-mail: ellenbo2@msu.edu
Web Site: www.mindonline.com


Michigan Neurology Institute
Contact: Paul A. Cullis, MD, FAAN
25100 Kelly Road
Roseville, Michigan 48066 USA
TEL: 1-586-771-7440
FAX: 1-586-771-9966
Web Site: www.michiganneurology.com


Michigan Neurology Institute
Chief of Neurology
Contact: Paul Cullis MD
25100 Kelly Road
Roseville, Michigan 48066 USA
TEL: 586-771-7440
FAX: 586-771-9966
E-mail: JCruz@michiganneurology.com
Web Site: http://www.michiganneurology.com


Movement Disorders Clinic at Wayne State University School of Medicine
Director, Movement Disorders Clinic at Wayne State University School of Medicine
Contact: Dr. Edwin George
University Health Center 8A
Detroit, Michigan 48201 USA
TEL: 313-745-1416
FAX: 313-745-4273
E-mail: egeorge@med.wayne.edu
Web Site: http://www.med.wayne.edu/neurology/


Neurology Consultants PC, Glen Ackerman MD
Director, Parkinson's Disease Clinic, Michigan State University
Contact: Glen Ackerman MD
1200 E Michigan, Suite 740
Lansing, Michigan 48912 USA
TEL: 517-371-3307
FAX: 517-371-5868
E-mail: glen.ackerman@ht.msu.edu
Web Site: www.glenackermanmd.com


Paul A. Cullis, M.D.
Office Manager
Contact: Jean Cruz
Michigan Neurology Institute
Roseville, Michigan 48066 USA
TEL: 586 771-7440
FAX: 586 776-5840
Web Site: www.michiganneurology.com


Peter LeWitt M.D.
Professor of Neurology, Wayne State University School of Medicine
Contact: Peter LeWitt M.D.
26400 West Twelve Mile Road
Southfield, Michigan 48034 USA
TEL: 248-355 2452
FAX: 248-355-2464
E-mail: neurosciencecenter@yahoo.com


St. John Hospital Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorder Clinic
Contact: Carolyn Setters
22201 Maross Rd, Suite 360
Detroit, Michigan 48236 USA
TEL: 313 343 3073
FAX: 313 343 7183
E-mail: carolyn.setters@StJohn.org
Web Site: www.StJohn.org/InnerPage.aspx?pageID=79



Aviva Abosch, MD, PhD
Administrative Assistant
Contact: Cheryl Johnson
University of Minnesota Medical School
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455 USA
TEL: 612-626-8786
FAX: 612-624-0644
E-mail: cljohnson@umphysicians.umn.edu
Web Site: www.umn.edu


Bonnie Warhol MD
Administrative Assistant
Contact: Jeanette Amundson
Courage Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55410 USA
TEL: 763-520-0453
FAX: 763-520-0869


Bonnie Warhol, MD
Administrative Assistant
Contact: Jeanette Amundson
3915 Golden Valley Rd
Minneapolis , Minnesota 55422 USA
TEL: 763 520 0453
FAX: 763-520-0869
Web Site: CourageCenter.org


Courage Center
Medical Director
Contact: Jackie Kawiecki, MD
3915 Golden Valley Road
Golden Valley, Minnesota 55422 USA
TEL: 763-520-0453
FAX: 763-520-0869
E-mail: Jackie.Kawiecki@courage.org
Web Site: www.courage.org


Jacalyn Kawiecki, MD
Adiminstrative Assitant
Contact: Jeanette Amundson
3915 Golden Valley Rd
Minneapolis , Minnesota 55422 USA
TEL: 763-520-0453
FAX: 763-520-0869
Web Site: CourageCenter.org


University of Minnesota Dystoina, Spasticity & Ataxia Clinic
Clinical Coordinator
Contact: Tanya K. Baxter
420 Delaware St SE, Dept of PM&R
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455 US
TEL: 612 626 3987
FAX: 612 624 6686
E-mail: baxte001@umn.edu


University of Minnesota Movement Disorders Center
Associate Professor
Contact: Paul Tuite
MMC 295; University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455 USA
TEL: 612-626-6718
E-mail: tuite002@umn.edu
Web Site: www.neurology.umn.edu


University of Minnesota Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Program
Contact: Salonda McClendon
Phillips-Wangensteen Building; Clinic 1A (1st Floor)
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455 USA
TEL: 612-626-3004
E-mail: smcclendon@umphysicians.umn.edu
Web Site: www.umphysicians.com


University of Minnesota, Program in Physical Therapy
Assistant Professor
Contact: Dr. Teresa J Kimberley
MMC 388
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455 USA
TEL: 612-626-4096



Max P Benzaquen, MD
Contact: Max P Benzaquen, MD
224 S Woods Mill Rd 290 S
Chesterfield, Missouri 63017 USA
TEL: 314 878-8744
FAX: 314-878-2234
E-mail: BBenzaquen @aol.com


University of Missouri
Clinic Coordinator
Contact: Paula Miller
Rusk Rehabilitation Center
Columbia, Missouri 65203 USA
TEL: 573.884.0033
E-mail: millerpl@health.missouri.edu
Web Site: http://som.missouri.edu/PMR


University of Missouri Movement Disorder Clinic
Contact: Terry Rolan, MD
One Hospital Drive
Columbia, Missouri 65203 USA
TEL: 573-882-1515
FAX: 573-884-0070
E-mail: rolant@health.missouri.org
Web Site: www.muhealth.org


Washington University Movement Disorders Center
Family Nurse Practitioner
Contact: Johanna Hartlein, RN, MSN, APN
660 South Euclid
St. Louis, Missouri 63110 USA
TEL: (314) 362-6908
E-mail: johanna@npg.wustl.edu
Web Site: www.nil.wustl.edu



St Vincent Neuroscience Center
Medical Director
Contact: Roger S. Williams MD
120 Poly Dr
Billings, Montana 59101 United States
TEL: 406-237-4290
FAX: 406-237-4291
E-mail: rwilliams@mtmedical.com


St. Vincent Neuroscience Center
Medical Director
Contact: Roger S. Williams MD
120 Poly Dr.
Billings, Montana 59101 USA
TEL: 406-237-4290
FAX: 406-237-4291



American Parkinson Disease Assoc Information & Referral Center of Omaha
Contact: Lisa A Brovold
601 N 30th St, Suite 2902C
Omaha, Nebraska 68131 US
TEL: 402 449 4535
FAX: 402 449 4278
E-mail: labrovo@creighton.edu


Movement Disorders Clinic at the University of Nebraska Medical Center
Director. Movement Disorders Program. University of Nebraska Medical Center
Contact: Diego Torres-Russotto, MD
982045 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, Nebraska 68198 USA
TEL: 402-559-5569


Neurology Consultants of Nebraska
Contact: Pamela M. Santamaria
4242 Farnam Street, Suite 655
Omaha, Nebraska 68133 USA
TEL: 402-552-2650
FAX: 402-552-2655
E-mail: neurologyconsultants@hotmail.com



Nevada Rehabilitation Institute
Chief Physiatrist
Contact: Armando Miciano , MD
2701 N Tenaya Way
Las Vegas , Nevada 89128 USA
TEL: 7028694401
FAX: 7028699904
E-mail: Drmiciano@me.com
Web Site: Www.springmountainrehab.com

New Hampshire


James Whitlock, MD
Staff Neurologist
Contact: James Whitlock, MD
Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital
Salem, New Hampshire 03079 USA
TEL: 603-681-3260
FAX: 603-898-4361
E-mail: jawhitlock@northeastrehab.com


Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital Spasticity/dystonia Clinic
Staff Neurologist
Contact: James Whitlock, MD
70 Butler Street
Salem, New Hampshire 03079 USA
TEL: 603-681-3260
FAX: 603-898-4361
Web Site: http://www.northeastrehab.com

New Jersey


Allen J. Rubin, MD: The Center for Neuropsychiatry
Neurologist and Neuropsychiatrist
Contact: Allen J. Rubin, MD
11009 Lincoln Drive west
Marlton, New Jersey 08053 USA
TEL: 856-985-9851
FAX: 856-985-9955
E-mail: ajrubin11009@aol.com


Center for Neuropsychiatry
Neurologist and Neuropsychiatrist
Contact: Allen J. Rubin, MD
11009 Lincoln Drive West
Marlton, New Jersey 0853 USA
TEL: 856-985-9851
FAX: 856-985-9955
E-mail: ajrubin11009@aol.com

Movement Disorder Treatment Center


Fiona Gupta MD
Movement Disorders Neurologist
Contact: Fiona Gupta MD
North Jersey Brain and Spine Center
Oradell, New Jersey 07649 USA
TEL: (201) 342-2550
FAX: (201) 342-7171
E-mail: fgupta@njbsc.com


Johnson rehabilitation Institute
Associate Medical Director for Clinical Services Center Head Injuries
Contact: Eduardo lopez,MD
65 James Street
Edison, New Jersey 08837
TEL: 7323217070
FAX: 7327445846
E-mail: edlopez@solarishs.org


New Jersey Neuroscience Institute at JFK Medical Center
Coordinator DBS Porgram
Contact: Jacqueline Cristini, PA, MMsC
65 James Street
Edison, New Jersey 08818 USA
TEL: 732-321-7000 X68169
FAX: 732-632-1584
E-mail: jcristini@solarishs.org
Web Site: www.njneuro.org


New Jersey Neuroscience Institute at JFK Medical Center, Seton Hall University School of Graduate Medical Education
Professor of Neuroscience
Contact: Arthur S Walters, MD
New Jersey Neuroscience Institute at JFK Medical Center
Edison, New Jersey 08818 US
TEL: 732 321 7010
FAX: 732 632 1584
E-mail: awalters@solarishs.org

New Mexico


Amanda Deligtisch, MD
Contact: Amanda Deligtisch, MD
PMG Cedar Neurology Clinic
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87106 USA
TEL: 505 563 6490
FAX: 505 563 6110


Amanda Deligtisch, MD
Movement Disorders Specialist
Contact: Amanda Deligtisch, MD
201 Cedar SE, Suite 820
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87106 USA
TEL: 505 563 6490
FAX: 505 563 6110


Ernest Kenneth Mladinich University New Mexico Dept Neurology
Asst Professor
Contact: Ernest Kenneth Mladinich
msc10-5620 1 UNM Dept Neurology
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131 USA
TEL: 505 2723160
FAX: 505 2729427
E-mail: emladinich@salud.unm.edu


Soofia Khan MD
Contact: Soofia Khan
8100 Barstow St. NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87122 USA
TEL: (305) 467-7861
E-mail: drsofikhan@gmail.com


Spasmodic Torticollis Recovery Clinic, Inc.
Contact: Abigail Brown (Collins)
55 Camino Vista Grande
Santa Fe,, New Mexico 87508 USA
TEL: 1-800-805-9976
FAX: 505-424-3994
E-mail: stclinic@comcast.net
Web Site: http://www.stclinic.com

New York


Ajay Berdia, MD
Contact: Ajay Berdia
640 Belle Terre Road, Building H
Port Jefferson , New York 11777 USA
TEL: 631 331 8774
FAX: 631 331 8775
E-mail: ajayberdia@yahoo.com


Bellevue Hospital Center Parkinson and Related Movement Disorders Clinic
Center Coordinator and Speech Language Pathologist
Contact: Cathy Lazarus, PhD
462 First Ave #NB7W11
New York, New York 10016 USA
TEL: 212-562-1338

Movement Disorder Treatment Center


Beth Israel Medical Center Department of Neurology
Executive Assistant
Contact: Yajaira Felipe
10 Union Sq E
New York, New York 10003 USA
TEL: 212 844 8379
FAX: 212 844 8461
E-mail: yfelipe@chpnet.org


Brian J. Snyder, M.D.
Contact: Brian J. Snyder, M.D.
100 Merrick Road, Suite 128W
Rockville Centre, New York 11570 USA
TEL: (516) 255-9031
E-mail: brianjeffreysnyder@yahoo.com
Web Site: http://www.neurosurgeryli.com/index.html


Center for Parkinson's Disease & Other Movememt Disorders: Columbia University Medical Center
Practice Manager
Contact: Elizabeth Mejia
710 W 168th St, NI3
New York, New York 10032 US
TEL: 212 305 5537
FAX: 212 305 1304
E-mail: emejia@neuro.columbia.edu
Web Site: www.movement-disorders.org

Division Chief: Stanley Fahn, MD


Cordelia Schwarz, MD
Contact: Lucille Batista
Neurologic Consultants of Westchester
Bronxville, New York 10708 USA
TEL: 914-3372022
FAX: 914-3372445


Dr David Hardesty @ Columbia Presbyarian Hospital
Contact: Barbara Rondon
245 E Gun Hill Road
Bronx, New York 10467 USA
TEL: 718 5153958
E-mail: angelofgold1@aol.com


Dr. Enrico Fazzini

Contact: Linda
108-14 72nd Ave. Second Floor
Forest Hills, New York 11375 USA
TEL: 718-263-5600
FAX: 718-263-2240
E-mail: n/a
Web Site: n/a


Fabio Danisi, MD - Kingston Neurological Associates

Contact: Fabio Danisi
365 Broadway
Kingstson, New York 12401 USA
TEL: 845-331-5165
FAX: 845-331-6238
E-mail: fabio.danisi@mssm.edu


James J. Peters Veterans Medical Center
Director, Movement Disorders Clinic

Contact: Dr Ruth Walker
Dept of Neurology (!27), James J. Peters VAMC
Bronx, New York 10468 USA
TEL: 718 584 9000 x5915
FAX: 718 741 4708
E-mail: ruth.walker@mssm.edu


Kingston Neurological Associates

Contact: Fabio Danisi
365 Broadway
Kingston, New York 12561 USA
TEL: 845-331-5165
FAX: 845-331-6238
E-mail: fabio.danisi@mssm.edu


Kingston Neurological Associates

Contact: Elena Ivashina
365 Broadway
Kingston, New York 12401 USA
TEL: (845) 331-5165
FAX: (845) 331-6238
E-mail: elena@bmoon.com


Mark Gudesblatt, MD - South Shore Neurologic Associates
Director of Clinical Services

Contact: Mark Gudesblatt, MD
280 Montauk Highway
Bay Shore, New York 11706 USA
TEL: 6316663939
FAX: 6316661860
E-mail: administration@southshoreneurologic.com
Web Site: www.southshoreneurologic.com


Maxwell Medical Imaging
Managing Partner

Contact: Roger Mosesson, MD
75 Park Place - Ground Floor
New York, New York 10007 USA
TEL: 212/693-1555
FAX: 212/587-7218
E-mail: contact@maxwellimaging.com


Michael Pitman, M.D. - New York Eye and Ear
Director, Voice and Swallowing Institute

Contact: Michael Pitman, M.D.
New York Eye and Ear Infirmary
New York, New York 10003 USA
TEL: 212-979-4200
FAX: 212-979-4532
E-mail: vsi@nyee.edu
Web Site: www.VoiceAndSwallowingInstitute.com


Miodrag Velickovic, M.D.

Contact: Miodrag Velickovic
1940 Commerce Street Suite 107
Yorktown Heights, New York 10598 USA
TEL: 914-962-1000


Montefiore Medical Center
Director, Division of Movement Disorders

Contact: Howard Geyer, M.D., Ph.D.
1515 Blondell Avenue
Bronx, New York 10461 USA
TEL: 718-405-8140
FAX: 718-405-8149
Web Site: http://cocoon.aecom.yu.edu/newneurology/division_details.aspx?id=10025


Northeast Neurology Associates

Contact: Jeffrey Benjamin, M.D.
670 Stoneleigh Avenue
Carmel, New York 10512 USA
TEL: 845 279 9000
FAX: 845 279 4141
E-mail: notheastneuro@aol.com


NYU Medical Center - Division of Movement Disorders and Parkinson's Disease Center
Administrative Assistant

Contact: Rodica Draghici
NYU Medical Center
New York, New York 10016 USA
TEL: 212-263-4838
FAX: 212-263-4837
E-mail: rodica.draghici@med.nyu.edu
Web Site: www.med.nyu.edu


Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorder Center of Albany Medical Center
Administrative Secretary

Contact: Faith Wood
215 Washington Ave Ext
Albany, New York 12205 US
TEL: 518 452 0914
FAX: 518 452 5953
E-mail: woodf@mail.amc.edu
Web Site: www.amc.edu/neurosciences/parkinsons.htm


Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center of Long Island: Dr. David L. Kreitzman, MD

Contact: David L. Kreitzman, MD
283 Commack Rd, Suite 320
Commack, New York 11725 USA
TEL: 631 462 7774
FAX: 631 462 7474
E-mail: li@parkinsonscenter.org
Web Site: www.parkinsonscenter.org


Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Clinic Upstate Medical University

Contact: Dragos Mihaila,
Upstate Medical University
Syracuse, New York 13212 USA
TEL: (315) 464 4243
FAX: (315) 464 7328
E-mail: mihailad@upstate.edu


Raymond Fiorini, MD
Contact: Raymond Fiorini, MD

6700 Kirkville Road; Suite 201 C
East Syracuse, New York 13057 USA
TEL: 315 218-0064
FAX: 315 218-0069
E-mail: RHFiorini@yahoo.com
Web Site: www.musclepaindoctor.com


South Shore Neurologic Associates
Mark Gudesblatt, MD

Contact: South Shore Neurologic Associates
77 Medford Avenue
Patchogue, New York 11706 USA
TEL: 6317581910
FAX: 6317582371
Web Site: www.southshoreneurologic.com


South Shore Neurologic Associates

Contact: Mark Gudesblatt, MD
77 Medford Avenue
Patchogue, New York 11772 USA
TEL: 6317581910
FAX: 6317582371
Web Site: www.southshoreneurologic.com


Surinderp Jindal MD, PC
Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology

Contact: Surinderp Jindal MD
1081 Main Street Suite b
Fishkill, New York 12524 USA
TEL: 8458966969
FAX: 8458965711


The Neurorehabilitation Center at Glen Cove Hospital

Contact: Lyubov Rubin, MD
101 Saint Andrew Lane
Glen Cove, New York 11542 USA
TEL: (516) 674-7500
FAX: (516) 674- 5008
E-mail: lrubin@nshs.edu
Web Site: http://www.northshorelij.com/body.cfm?id=145&oTopID=54&PLinkID=53


University at Buffalo Comprehensive Movement Disorders Center
Medical Social Worker

Contact: Evalyn Katz
University at Buffalo Comprehensive Movement Disorders Center
Buffalo, New York 14203 USA
TEL: 716 859-3342
FAX: 716 859-7594
E-mail: ekatz@ubns.com
Web Site: www.ubns.com


Upstate Medical University Dept of PM&R
Program Manager

Contact: Lynne Romeiser Logan
750 East Adams Street
Syracuse, New York 13210 USA
TEL: 315-464-5820
FAX: 315-464-8699
E-mail: loganl@upstate.edu
Web Site: www.upstate.edu


Weill Cornell Parkinson's Disease & Movement Disorders Institute
Associate Director

Contact: Melissa J. Nirenberg, MD, PhD
428 East 72nd Street, Suite 400
New York, New York 10021 USA
TEL: 212-746-2584
FAX: 212-746-8296
Web Site: http://weillcornellphysicians.com/parkinsons_mvmntdr/index.html


Winthrop University Hospital
Director of Movement disorders program

Contact: Sakshi Bajaj
200 old country rd; suite 125
mineola, New York 11501 USA
TEL: 516-663-4525
Web Site: www.winthrop.org


Winthrop University hospital

Contact: Sakshi Bajaj
200 old country rd; suite 370
mineola, New York 11501 USA
TEL: 5166634525

  Winthrop University Hospital, Institute for Neurosciences
259 First Street
mineola, New York 11501 USA
TEL: 516 663-0333
Web Site: http://www.winthrop.org/departments/institutes/Neurosciences/#neurology

Xian, Hugh, MD
Contact: South Shore Neurologic. Associates
(1) 77 Medford Ave (2) 280 Main Street
(1) Patchogue (2) Bay Shore, New York (1)11706;(2)11772 USA
TEL: (1) 631-7581910 (2)631-6663939
Web Site: southshoreneurologic.com

North Carolina


Burton L. Scott

Contact: Burton L. Scott
Duke University Movement Disorders Center
Durham , North Carolina 27705 USA
TEL: 919-668-2493
FAX: 919-681-4935
E-mail: scott007@mc.duke.edu
Web Site: http://neurology.mc.duke.edu


David Kishbaugh, D.O. (RPK Center for Rehab, Spine & Pain Management
Contact: David Kishbaugh, D.O.

2109 Valleygate Drive
Fayetteville, North Carolina 28304 USA
TEL: 910-486-8880
FAX: 910-486-8886


Division of Movement Disorders, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Director of Movement Disorder Clinic

Contact: Nina Browner, MD
Department of Neurology,University of North Carolina,Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599 USA
TEL: 919.966.5549
FAX: 919.843.4143


Duke University Medical Center

Contact: Mark Stacy
932 Morveene Rd
Durham, North Carolina 27705 USA
TEL: 919 668 2493
FAX: 919 681 4935
E-mail: mark.stacy@duke.edu


Geoff Coates-Wynn, MD

Contact: Geoffrey Coates-Wynn
1344-B N Center St.
Hickory, North Carolina 28601 USA
TEL: 828-328-9200
FAX: 828-328-9219
E-mail: rehabmd@charter.net


Johnson Neurological Clinic

Contact: Clark Pinyan
606 North Elm Street
High Point, North Carolina 27262 USA
TEL: 336-883-2885
E-mail: cpinyan@yahoo.com
Web Site: www.johnsonneurological.com


Mustafa Saad Siddiqui, MD
Assistant Professor Neurology & Movement Disorders

Contact: Mustafa Saad Siddiqui, MD
Neurology Clinic, 4th Floor Clinical Science Bldg
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27157 USA
TEL: 336-716-4101
Web Site: http://www1.wfubmc.edu/neurology/Outpatient/


Raleigh Neurology Associates, PA
marketing director

Contact: Sherri Neifert
Raleigh Neurology Assoc., PA
Raleigh, North Carolina 27607 USA
TEL: 919-782-3456
FAX: 919-420-6089
Web Site: www.raleighneurology.com


Thomas L. Ellis, M.D.
Associate Professor, Co-Director Deep Brain Stimulation Program

Contact: Thomas L. Ellis, M.D.
Wake Forest University, Department of Neurosurgery
Winston Salem, North Carolina 27157 USA
TEL: 336-716-6438
FAX: 335-716-3065
E-mail: tlellis@wfubmc.edu


Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
Assistant Professor & Director Movement Disorder Program

Contact: Mustafa Saad Siddiqui
4th Floor Janeway Clinical Science Tower
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27157 USA
TEL: 336-716-4101


Wake Forest University Movement Disorders Center
Associate Professor

Contact: Thomas L. Ellis
Medical Center Blvd
Winston Salem, North Carolina 27157 USA
TEL: 336-716-4067
E-mail: tlellis@wfubmc.edu
Web Site: www.wfubmc.edu


Wake Forest University Physicians
Asst Professor of Neurology

Contact: George Wittenberg, MD, PhD
Medical Center Blvd
Winston Salem, North Carolina 27159 1078 US
TEL: 336 716 8200
FAX: 336 713 8588
E-mail: GWITTENB@wtnbmc.edu
Web Site: www.wfubmc.edu

North Dakota


Sanford Health - MeritCare Neuroscience Center

Contact: Tanya Harlow
700 1st Avenue South
Fargo, North Dakota 58103 USA
TEL: 701-234-4036
FAX: 701-234-4003



Anwar Ahmed MD Cleveland Clinic Foundation Ohio

Contact: Anwar Ahmed
9500 Euclid Ave S-90
Cleveland, Ohio 44195 USA
TEL: 216 444 2087
FAX: 216 444 1015
Web Site: www.ccf.org


Center for Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders, The Neuroscience Institute, University of Cincinnati
Administrative Assistant

Contact: Lisa Brown
234 Goodman Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219 USA
TEL: 888-797-4864
FAX: 513-584-6846
E-mail: TNI@healthall.com
Web Site: http://www.TNIcincinnati.com


Cleveland Clinic, Euclid Hospital Comprehensive Parkinson's Rehabilitation Program
Director Movement Disorders Outpatient Services

Contact: Monique L. Giroux, MD
9500 Euclid Ave Desk S31
Cleveland, Ohio 44195 USA
TEL: 216-444-2087
FAX: 216-444-1015
E-mail: Girouxm@ccf.org
Web Site: http://www.clevelandclinic.org/neuroscience/

Movement Disorder Treatment Center


David Riley M.D.
1611 South Green Road #204
South Euclid, Ohio 44121 USA
TEL: 216-844-7260
FAX: 216-844-5613
E-mail: david.riley@uhhospitals.org


Movement Disorders and Tourette Syndrome Clinics
Associate Professor Pediatric Neurology

Contact: Donald L. Gilbert MD MS
3333 Burnet Avenue ML 11006
Cincinnati, Ohio 45230 USA
TEL: 513-636-4222
FAX: 513-636-3980
E-mail: donald.gilbert@cchmc.org
Web Site: www.cincinnatichildrens.org


Movement Disorders Center, Neurological Institute, University Hospitals of Cleveland
Clinical Nurse Specialist

Contact: Christina Whitney, RN, DNSc
Neurological Institute
Cleveland, Ohio 44106 USA
TEL: 216-844-8542
FAX: 216-844-5613
E-mail: Christina.Whitney@uhhs.com


University Hospital of Cleveland

Contact: Gina Dalton
11100 Euclia Ave
Cleveland, Ohio 44106 USA
TEL: 216 844 2060
FAX: 216 844 5613
E-mail: Gina.Dalton@UHHS.com

David Riley MD Movement Disorders Center Department of Neurology



Mark A. Fisher, M.D.
Contact: Mark A. Fisher, M.D.

3435 N.W. 56th St.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112 USA
TEL: 405-945-4866
FAX: 405-945-4867
E-mail: mark.fisher@integris-health.com
Web Site: www.drmarkfisher.medem.com



OHSU Movement Disorder Program
Professor of Neurology

Contact: John G. Nutt, M.D.
Oregon Health and Science University
Portland, Oregon  USA
TEL: 503-494-7230


Oregon Neurology Associates

Contact: Sara S. Batya, M.D.
3355 River Bend Drive
Springfield, Oregon 97477 USA
TEL: 541 868-9430
FAX: 514 868-9450
E-mail: AColton@OregonNeruology.com
Web Site: www.oregonneurology.com



Amit Jhaveri, MD
Director, Dept. Of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Contact: Amit Jhaveri, MD
Geisinger-Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital
Danville, Pennsylvania 17821 USA
TEL: 5702715129
FAX: 5702715129
E-mail: www.geisinger.org
Web Site: www.geisinger.org


Anthony C. May, M.D.
Program Coordinator

Contact: Cynthia Capresecco
Wellspan Adult Neurology; Parkinson's Disease & Movement Disorder Center
York, Pennsylvania 17402 USA
TEL: 717-851-5822
FAX: 717-851-4208
E-mail: ccapresecco@wellspan.org
Web Site: wellspan.org


Anthony C. May, M.D.
movement disorder program coordinator

Contact: Cynthia Capresecco
Wellspan Neurology
York, Pennsylvania 17402 USA
TEL: 717-851-5822
FAX: 717-851-5507
E-mail: ccapresecco@wellspan.org
Web Site: www.wellspan.org


Botulinum Toxin Treatment Center, West Penn Allegheny Health System
Director, Associate Professor of Neurology

Contact: Patricia B. Jozefczyk, M.D.
420 East North Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212 USA
TEL: 412-359-8856
FAX: 412-359-8878
E-mail: pjozefcz@wpahs.org


Comprehensive Movement Disorders Clinic at the University of Pittsburgh
Outreach Coordinator

Contact: Rita Vareha
Kaufman Medical Building, Suite 811
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213 USA
TEL: 412-692-4916
FAX: 412-692-4601
E-mail: varehara@upmc.edu

Movement Disorder Treatment Center


Comprehensive Movement Disorders Clinic, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Assistant Professor of Neurology

Contact: David A. Hinkle, MD, PhD
811 Kaufmann Medical Building
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213 USA
TEL: (412) 692-4670
FAX: (412) 692-4601

Movement Disorder Treatment Center


Dan Aaron Parkinson's Rehabilitation Center at Pennsylvania Hospital
Physical Therapist

Contact: Heather J. Cianci
330 South 9th Street, 1st Floor
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107 USA
TEL: 215-829-7275
FAX: 215-829-3384
Web Site: http://www.pennhealth.com/pahosp/

Movement Disorder Treatment Center


Daniel Kremens MD JD
Contact: Daniel Kremens MD JD
Movement Disorders Division Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107 USA
TEL: 215 955-1041
FAX: 215 923-3504
E-mail: daniel.kremens@jefferson.edu


Elmyra Encarnacion, MD

Contact: Bianca Curnane
Albert Einstein Medical Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19141 USA
TEL: 215-456-7190
FAX: 215-456-7308
E-mail: curnaneb@einstein.edu
Web Site: http://www.einstein.edu


Geisinger Specialty Clinic
Neurology, Movement Disorders

Contact: Kelly A. Condefer, MD
1000 E. Mtn Drive
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 18711 USA
TEL: 570-808-6026
FAX: 570-808-7943
Web Site: www.geisinger.org


Guthrie Medical Center, Dr. Mattthew D. Grier
Physiatrist Matthew D. Grier D.O.

Contact: Guthrie Clinic
1 Guthrie Square
Sayre, Pennsylvania 18840 USA
TEL: 1-570-882-3517
E-mail: www.guthrie.org
Web Site: www.guthrie.org


James DeMatteis, M.D.
Physician Assisstant

Contact: Rebecca Parkhurst, PA-C
120 2 East St
Erie, Pennsylvania 16507 USA
TEL: 814-877-4600
FAX: 814-452-2210
E-mail: jdematteis@pol.net
Web Site: www.northshorepractices.com


Kelly A. Condefer, MD
Contact: Kelly A. Condefer, MD

1000 E. Mountain Drive
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 18711 USA
TEL: 570-820-6029
FAX: 570-826-7943
E-mail: kacondefer@geisinger.org
Web Site: www.mygeisinger.org


Lihong Lu M.D.

Contact: Lihong Lu
RPS Physical Medicine & Rehab
Wyomissing, Pennsylvania 19610 USA
TEL: 484-388-2778
FAX: 484-388-2688
E-mail: lul@readinghospital.org


Magee Rehabilitation Hospital

Contact: Mendel Kupfer, MD
1513 Race Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102 USA
TEL: 215 587 3394
FAX: 215 587 3007
E-mail: rblackson@mageerehab.org
Web Site: www.mageerehab.org


Matthew D. Grier D.O.
Chief of Physical Medicine and rRhabilitation

Contact: Matthew D. Grier D.O.
One Guthrie Square
Sayre, Pennsylvania 18840 USA
TEL: 1-570-882-3517


Moss Rehab Institute for Mobility Evaluation and Treatment (IMET)
Contact: Elaine Flynn, RN
60 E Township Line Rd
Elkins Park, Pennsylvania 19027 US
TEL: 215 663 6676
FAX: 215 663 6686
E-mail: IMET@einstein.edu
Web Site: www.einstein.edu/mossrehab

Physicians include: N. Mayer, MD (PM&R certified); M Saulino, MD, PhD, (PM&R certified); T Vachranukunklet, MD (PM&R certified); A Esquenazi, MD (PM&R certified) Movement Disorder Treatment Center


Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia
Co director, the PD&MDC

Contact: Howard Hurtig, MD
330 South Ninth St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19197 USA
TEL: 215-829-8407
Web Site: University of Pennsylvania Health System


Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center at Univerity of Pennsylvania
Program Coordinator

Contact: S Reichwein
330 S 9th St
Philadelphis, Pennsylvania 19107 USA
TEL: 215 829 6500
FAX: 215 829 6606
E-mail: sreichwein@pahasp.com
Web Site: www.upns.upenn.edu


Penn State University Comprehensive Movement Disorders Program
Movement Disorders Nurse Coordinator, assistant to Director, Movement Disorders Program

Contact: Donna Stuppy Ford c/o Dr. Thyagarajan Subramanian, MD
Mail Code H 109, C2846
Hershey, Pennsylvania 17033 USA
TEL: 717-531-0003 ask to connect to Ms. Donna Ford
FAX: 717-531-6916
Web Site: http://www.pennstatehershey.org/web/neurology/home


Spasticity and Movement Disorder Center
Executive Scretary

Contact: Kay Watt
Alleghany General Hospital, Suite 500, Professional Bldg.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212 USA
TEL: 412 359 8860
FAX: 412 359 8809
E-mail: kfutrykw@wpahs.org


The Movement Disorders Center at the Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience
Assistant Professor of Neurology

Contact: Tsao-Wei Liang, MD
900 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107 USA
TEL: (215) 503-2724
FAX: (215) 923-3504
Web Site: http://www.jefferson.edu/Neurology/faculty_profile.cfm?key=txl396


The Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center at University of Pennsylvania
330 S 9th St

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107 USA
TEL: 215 829 6500
FAX: 215 829 6606
Web Site: www.upns.upenn.edu


Tsao-Wei Liang, MD
Assistant Professor of Neurology

Contact: Tsao-Wei Liang, M.D.
900 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107 USA
TEL: (215) 503-2724
FAX: (215) 955-1390
E-mail: Tsao-Wei.Liang@jefferson.edu


University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Assistant Professor of Neurology, Clinical Director Movement Disorders Division

Contact: Samay Jain, M.D.
3471 Fifth Ave.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213 USA
TEL: 412-692-4916
FAX: 412-692-4601
E-mail: upmcweb@upmc.edu
Web Site: http://www.upmc.com/

Rhode Island


Karen L Kerman M.D

Contact: Carolyn Mellen
765 Allens Ave
Providence, Rhode Island 02903 USA
TEL: 4014326835
FAX: 4014326832
E-mail: kkerman@lifespan.org


Kelvin L. Chou, MD
Contact: Meg Lannon

227 Centerville Rd
Warwick, Rhode Island 02886 USA
TEL: 401-732-3332
FAX: 401-739-0196
E-mail: mlannon@neurohealth.info


Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island

Contact: Mason Gasper, DO
111 Brewster St.
Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02860 USA
TEL: 401-729-2483
FAX: 401-729-3101
E-mail: mason_gasper@brown.edu
Web Site: www.mhri.org


NeuroHealth Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center
Associate Director

Contact: Kelvin Chou, MD
227 Centerville Road
Warwick, Rhode Island 02886 USA
TEL: 401-732-3332
FAX: 401-739-0196
E-mail: kchou@neurohealth.info
Web Site: http://www.neurohealth.info/parkinsons.htm


Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center: NeuroHealth

Contact: Joseph H Friedman, MD
227 Centerville Rd
Warwick, Rhode Island 02886 USA
TEL: 401 921 4203
FAX: 401-737-3623
E-mail: joseph_friedman@brown.edu
Web Site: NeuroHealth.info

Movement Disorder Treatment Center

South Carolina


Anderson Neurological Associates

Contact: Glen R. Scott, Jr., DO
2000 East Greenville Street
Anderson, South Carolina 29621 USA
TEL: 864-512-7636
FAX: 864-231-7743
E-mail: glen.scott@anmedhealth.org


Medical University of South Carolina Movement Disorders Program
Administrative Assistant

Contact: Sandy Carbone
326 Calhoun St, Suite 308
Charleston, South Carolina 29401 USA
TEL: 843 792 7262
FAX: 843 792 1751
E-mail: carbonsj@musc.edu
Web Site: www.muschealth.com/movementdisorders


Wayne B Sida, MD
Practice Administrator

Contact: Kathy George or Kim Hill
303 W. Alexander Avenue
Greenwood, South Carolina 29646 USA
TEL: 864-227-5240
FAX: 864-227-5239
E-mail: kgeorge@piedmontneuro.com
Web Site: piedmonthealthgroup.com



Easter Seals Tennessee
Director Adult Rehabilitation

Contact: Mary Gardner
2001 Woodmont Blvd
Nashville, Tennessee 37215 USA
TEL: (615) 292-6640
FAX: (615)292-6650
E-mail: eastersealstn.org
Web Site: www.eastersealstn.com


Mark LeDoux, MD, PhD
Professor, Neurology

Contact: Mark LeDoux, MD, PhD
Univ. of Tennessee Medical Group, Inc.
Memphis, Tennessee 38104 USA
TEL: 901-448-7900
FAX: 901-448-7440
E-mail: mark.ledoux@gmail.com
Web Site: www.utmem.edu


Mark S. LeDoux, MD, PhD
Professor, Neurology

Contact: Mark S. LeDoux, MD, PhD
1325 Eastmoreland Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38104 USA
TEL: 901-448-7900
FAX: 901-448-7296
E-mail: mark.ledoux@gmail.com
Web Site: http://www.utmedicalgroup.com/pages/depts/neurology.html


Vanderbilt University Medical Center: Department of Neurology
Contact: Thomas L. Davis, MD

2100 Pierce Ave
Nashville, Tennessee 37212 3375 USA
TEL: 615 936 2025
FAX: 615 936 1229
E-mail: Thomas.L.Davis@vanderbilt.edu



Baylor College of Medicine - Neuropsychology
Assistant Professor: Clinical Neuropsychologist

Contact: Michele York, PhD
6501 Fannin, NB 302
Houston, Texas 77030 USA
TEL: 713-798-5365
FAX: 713-798-6070
E-mail: myork@bcm.edu


Baylor Neuroscience Center Movement Disorders Center
Program Coordinator Baylor Neuroscience Center

Contact: Keesha Paul
9101 North Central Expressway Suite 400
Dallas, Texas 75231 USA
TEL: 214-820-3600
FAX: 214-820-3884
E-mail: neuro@baylorhealth.edu
Web Site: BaylorHealth.com


Cindy Ivanhoe
Contact: Cindy Ivanhoe, MD, PA

2211 Norfolk Street, Suite 222
Houston, Texas 77098 USA
TEL: 713.942.7300
E-mail: anat@nrshouston.com


Dr. Joshua Rotenberg
Clinical Assistant Professor, Neurology & Pediatrics UTHSCSA

Contact: Dr. Joshua Rotenberg
525 Oak Centre, Suite 400
San Antonio, Texas 78258 USA
TEL: 210 249 5020
FAX: 210 490 5024


Easter Seals of Greater Dallas
Director Clinical Services

Contact: Jennifer Friesen
4443 N. Josey Ln., #100
Carrollton, Texas 75010 USA
TEL: 972-394-8900
FAX: 972-394-6266
E-mail: info@dallas.easterseals.com
Web Site: www.dallas.easterseals.com

Institute for Rehabilitation and Research (TIRR)
Administrative Assistant

Contact: Patricia Kash
1333 Moursund
Houston, Texas 77030 US
TEL: 713 797 5238
FAX: 713 797 5241
E-mail: kashp@tirr.tmc.edu

Movement Disorder Treatment Center


Neurology Specialists of Dallas
Office Manager

Contact: Linda Gaye
515 Greenville Ave
Dallas, Texas 75231 USA
TEL: 214 345 1299
FAX: 214 345 1297


Octavian R. Adam, M.D.
Contact: Octavian R. Adam, MD

University of Texas Medical Branch
Friendswood, Texas 77546 USA
TEL: 281-993-3990
FAX: 281-993-9756
E-mail: oradam@utmb.edu
Web Site: http://www.utmbhealthcare.org/pdf_results/UTMB_department_Neurology.pdf


PADRECC, Houston VA Medical Center
Staff Neurologist

Contact: J. G. Gabriel Hou, MD, PhD
Mail 127PD, 2002 Holcombe
Houston, Texas 77030 USA
TEL: 713-794-7841
FAX: 713-794-8888
E-mail: jhou@bcm.tmc.edu
Web Site: http://www1.va.gov/padrecc_houston/


Parkinson's Disease Center and Movement Disorder Clinic, Baylor College of Medicine
Director, Parkinson's Disease Center

Contact: Joseph Jankovic, MD
The Smith Tower, Suite 1801
Houston , Texas 77030 USA
TEL: 713 798 7438
FAX: 713 798 6808
Web Site: www.jankovic.org


Plummer Movement Disorders Center

Contact: Patricia Simpson, RN, Clinical Research Coordinator
2401 S 31st St,
Temple, Texas 76508 USA
TEL: 254.724.8374
FAX: 254.724.8396
Web Site: www.sw.org


Rajeev Kumar, MD

Contact: Rajeev Kumar, MD
2424 W. Holcombe Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77030 USA
TEL: 713-838-0868
FAX: 713-838-0898
E-mail: rajeev_kumar@msn.com


University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Clinical Center for Movement Disorders
Clinical Nurse

Contact: Ruth Dederich
UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Dallas, Texas 75390 9036 USA
TEL: 214 648 9574
FAX: 214 648 8540
E-mail: ruth.dederich@utsouthwestern.edu
Web Site: www.swmed.edu


UT Move, Movement Disorders and Neurodegenertive Disease Clinic, Director, Mya Caryn Schiess, MD
Professor of Neurology, Director of UT Move

Contact: Mya Caryn Schiess, MD
6410 Fannin Street, Suite 1014
Houston, Texas 77030 USA
TEL: 832-325-7081
FAX: 713-500-5055
E-mail: webmaster@ucplus.org
Web Site: www.utdocs.com/adultclinic/neurology/physicians.htm


Utah Soutwestern Medical Center, Clinical Center for Movement Disorders
Clinical Nurse

Contact: Ruth Dederich
UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Dallas, Texas 75390 9036 US
TEL: 214 648 9574
FAX: 214 648 8540
E-mail: ruth.dederich@utsouthwestern.edu
Web Site: www.swmed.edu

Richard B. Dewey, Jr., MD and Padraig E. O'Suilleabhain, MbBch



Lauren Schrock, MD - University of Utah
Assistant Professor of Neurology

Contact: Lauren Schrock, M.D.
729 Arapeen Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108 USA
TEL: 801-585-9386
FAX: 801-587-8381


University of Utah Movement Disorders Center
Assistant Professor of Neurology

Contact: Lauren Schrock, M.D.
729 Arapeen Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108 USA
TEL: 801-585-9386
FAX: 801-587-8381
E-mail: Lauren.Schrock@hsc.utah.edu



Fletcher Allen Health Care: Movement, Inherited, and Neurodegenerative Disorders Clinic
Movement Disorders Nurse

Contact: Jean Baker, RN
1 South Prospect St
Burlington , Vermont 05401 USA
TEL: 802-847-4589
E-mail: jeanette.baker@vtmednet.org


University of Vermont / Fletcher Allen Health Care
Movement Disorders Nurse

Contact: Jean Baker, RN
University Health Center
Burlington , Vermont 05401 USA
TEL: 802-847-4589
FAX: 802-847-2461
Web Site: http://www.fletcherallen.org/services/neurological_care/specialties/movement_disorders/



Integrated Neurology Services/Simon Fishman, MD

Contact: Simon Fishman, MD
6355 Walker Lane Suite 313
Alexandria, Virginia 22310 USA
TEL: 703-313-9111
Web Site: www.integratedneurologyservices.com


Linda S. Sigmund
Director, Movement Disorder Center of the Neurology Center of Fairfax

Contact: Linda S. Sigmund
3020 Hamaker Court, Suite 400
Fairfax, Virginia 22205 USA
TEL: 703-876-0800
FAX: 703-876-0832
E-mail: lsigmund@neurologyfairfax.com


mark s baron, md
professor of neurology

Contact: mark s baron
Virginia Commonwealth Health System, Neurology
Richmond, Virginia 23219 USA
TEL: 804-828-9350
FAX: 804-828-6499
Web Site: www.neurology.neu.vcu.edu


Michael E. Cohen, MD
Contact: Michael E. Cohen, MD
24 Onville Road
Stafford, Virginia 22556-3832 USA
TEL: 540-658-0825
FAX: 540-658-0825
E-mail: mcohen@michaelcohenmd.com
Web Site: www.michaelcohenmd.com


Neuro Rehab Specialty Clinic at Centra Virginia Baptist Hospital
Clinic Manager

Contact: Betty Zaring
3300 Rivermont Avenue
Lynchburg, Virginia 24503 USA
TEL: 434 200 7413
FAX: 434 200 4670
Web Site: www.centrahealth.com


Otolaryngology Associates, P.C.
Speech Pathologist

Contact: Laura Purcell Verdun, M.A., CCC/SLP
8316 Arlington Boulevard, Ste. 300
Fairfax, Virginia 22031 USA
TEL: 703-573-7600 x1414
FAX: 703-560-3808
E-mail: lpverdun@yahoo.com
Web Site: www.entmds.net


Otolaryngology Associates, P.C.
Otolaryngologist-Head & Neck Surgeon/Laryngologist

Contact: Patty Lee, MD
8316 Arlington Boulevard, Suite 300
Fairfax, Virginia 22031 USA
TEL: 703-573-7600
FAX: 703-560-3808
Web Site: www.entmds.net


Rajesh K. Sethi MD, PLC

Contact: Rajesh K. Sethi
4660 Kenmore Avenue, Suite 408
Alexandria, Virginia 22304 USA
TEL: 703-751-3500
FAX: 703-751-1613
E-mail: sethir@aol.com


Rajesh Sethi

Contact: Rajesh Sethi
4660 Kenmore Avenue, Suite 408
Alexandria, Virginia 22304 USA
TEL: 703-751-3500
FAX: 703-751-3500


Shenandoah Valley Neurological Associates
Shenandoah Valley Neurological Associates

Contact: Michael Valente, MD
70 Medical Center Drive
Fishersville, Virginia 22939 USA
TEL: 540-332-5878
FAX: 540-3324876


VCU Movement Disorders Clinic; Southeast/Richmond VA Medical Center Parkinson's Clinic
Movement Disorders Specialist

Contact: Mark Baron, MD
ACC 5th flr, Neurology
Richmond, Virginia 23284 USA
TEL: 804-828-9350
FAX: 804-828-4459
E-mail: gburt@vcu.edu
Web Site: www.vcu.edu

Movement Disorders Specialist



Anthony J. Santiago, MD, Director; The Edward Ewell Parkinson's and Movement Disorders Center of Empire Health Services
Medical Director

Contact: Anthony J. Santiago MD
2207 N Molter Rd
Liberty Lake, Washington 99019 USA
TEL: (509) 473-5550
FAX: (509) 473-5534
E-mail: santiaa@empirehealth.org

Movement Disorders Treatment Center, Parkinson's Disease, Botulinum Injections, Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery and Programming


Booth Gardner Parkinson's Care Center
Office Manager

Contact: Kathy Repp
12039 NE 128th Street
Kirkland, Washington 98034 USA
TEL: 425-899-3123
FAX: 425-899-3114
Web Site: www.evergreenhealthcare.org

Movement Disorder Treatment Center

David R Greeley, MD (Medical Director)
Office Manager

Contact: Kim Walter
Northwest Neurological PLLC, Greeley & Associaties
Spokane, Washington 99204 US
TEL: 509 458 7720
FAX: 509 777 0432
E-mail: info@nwneurological.com
Web Site: www.nwneurological.com

Specialty: Neurology. Deep Brain Stiumuation.


Deep Brain Stimulation Program at Northwest Hospital and Medical Center
Deep Brain Stimulation Program Manager

Contact: Diana L. Herring, MN,ARNP
1530 North 115th St Suite 101
Seattle, Washington 98133 USA
TEL: 206-368-5935
FAX: 206-368-5934
E-mail: dherring@nwhsea.org
Web Site: www.nwhospital.org

Ronald Young, MD - Neurosurgeon Steve Klein, MD - Neurosurgeon


Dr. Monique L. Giroux
Medical Director Movement Disorders and Neurorehabilitation

Contact: Dr. Monique L. Giroux
13030 121st Way NE suite 203
Kirkland, Washington 98034 USA
TEL: 425-899-3123
E-mail: moniquegiroux@gmail.com
Web Site: www.evergreenhealthcare.org


John W. Roberts, MD (Virginia Mason Medical Center)

Contact: John W. Roberts, MD
Virginia Mason Medical Center, Mailstop X7-NEU
Seattle, Washington 98101 USA
TEL: 206-341-0420
FAX: 206-625-7240
Web Site: http://www.virginiamason.org/dbPhysicians/Physician63146.asp


Northwest Medical Rehabilitation
Osteopathic Physiatrist

Contact: Patrick Soto, DO
1315 N Division St
Spokane, Washington 99202 USA
TEL: 509-624-0908
FAX: 509-459-0881
Web Site: www.nwmedicalrehab.com


Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorder Center of Empire Health Services
Movement Disorder Center

Contact: Melinda H. Stonemetz
2207 N Molter Road
Liberty Lake, Washington 99019 USA
TEL: 509-473-5550
FAX: 509-473-5534
E-mail: stonemm@empirehealth.org


Pinky Agarwal, M.D.
Contact: Pinky Agarwal, M.D.
12039 NE 128th St
Kirkland, Washington 98034 USA
TEL: 4258993123
FAX: 4258993114
Web Site: www.evergreenhealthcare.org


Swedish Medical Center/ Providence Campus, Seattle Neuroscience Institute- Deep Brain Stimulation Program
Program Manager

Contact: Peggy O'Neil Shortt, ARNP
1600 E Jefferson St Suite #620
Seattle, Washington 98122 USA
TEL: 206 320 2847
FAX: 206 320 2226
E-mail: susan.dapper@swedish.org
Web Site: www.swedish.org

Washington D.C.


Fernando L. Pagan, M.D. Georgetown University Movement Disorder Program
Co-Director of Movement Disorder Program

Contact: Fernando L. Pagan, MD
Georgetown University Hospital Department of Neurology
Washington, Washington D.C. 20007 USA
TEL: 202-444-8525
FAX: 202-444-2661
E-mail: millsj@gunet.georgetown.edu
Web Site: www.georgetownuniversityhospital.org


Georgetown University Hospital Movement Disorder Clinic
Movement Disorder Clinic Nurse Practitioner

Contact: Barbara Wilmarth
3800 Reservoir Rd NW
Washington , Washington D.C. 20007 US
TEL: 202 444 8525
FAX: 202 444 2661
E-mail: bxwl@gunet.georgetown.edu
Web Site: www.georgetownuniversityhospital.org



Gundersen Lutheran

Contact: Jason Aldred
1900 South Ave
La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601 USA
TEL: 6087759000
FAX: 6087750592
Web Site: http://www.gundluth.org/?id=1233&sid=1


Joel H. Blumin, MD
Associate Professor

Contact: Joel H. Blumin, MD
Department of Otolaryngology & Communication Scinences
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53226 USA
TEL: (414) 805-5689
FAX: (414) 805-7890
E-mail: jblumin@mcw.edu
Web Site: http://www.mcw.edu/display/router.asp?docid=13612


John McGuire, MD
Associate Professor PM&R

Contact: John McGuire
9200 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53226 USA
TEL: 414-805-7342
FAX: 414-805-7348


Karl Shewmake, MD

Contact: karl shewmake
824 Illinois ave
stevens point, Wisconsin 54481 USA
TEL: 715 342 7775


Mark J. Lucarelli, M.D.
Clinic Co-ordinator

Contact: Barb Sickler, COT
2880 University Avenue
Madison, Wisconsin 53705 USA
TEL: 608-265-7790
FAX: 608-265-8060
Web Site: http://wieyemd.ophth.wisc.edu/people/lucarelli.html


Marshfield Clinic - Daniel S. Sa
Neurology, Movement Disorders

Contact: Daniel S. Sa
1000 North Oak Avenue, 4F5
Marshfield, Wisconsin 54449 USA
TEL: 715 3875350
Web Site: http://www.marshfieldclinic.org/patients/pages/default.aspx?page=neuro_specialties_movementDisorder


Medical College of Wisconsin/Froedtert Hospital, Department of Neurology
Program Coordinator

Contact: Vicki Conte
Froedtert Hospital, Department of Neurology
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53226 USA
TEL: 414-805-8326
FAX: 414-259-0469
Web Site: www.mcw.edu and www.froedtert.com

Drs. Karen Blindauer, Bradley Hiner and Serena Hung


Ronald Garcia, MD
Medical Director, Comprehensive Inpatient Rehab Unit

Contact: Ronald Garcia, MD
Mercy Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center
Janesville, Wisconsin 53548 USA
TEL: 6087557885
FAX: 6087557892
Web Site: www.mercyhealthsystem.org


University of Wisconsin Madison, Department of Neurology, Movement Disorder Program

Contact: Erwin B. Montgomery Jr., MD
600 Highland Ave
Madison, Wisconsin 53792 USA
TEL: 608 262 0550
FAX: 608 265 1753
E-mail: montgomery@neurology.wisc.edu


University of Wisconsin, Department of Neurology, Movement Disorders Program
Director of Movement Disorders Program

Contact: Laura Buyan Dent, MD PhD
600 Highland Ave, H6/536
Madison, Wisconsin 53792 USA
TEL: 608-263-5421
FAX: 608-263-0412